Masternode + Staking

Securus commands FAQ

How can i get a Masternode:

1 : Create a new receiving address (with a wallet label) within your existing wallet

2 : Send yourself 10000 XSCR (currently) in a single transaction, to this new wallet. 

3: Click Add Masternode above! 

Now, the trustless Masternodehoster wizard's automagically check everything in the background and set up a MN for you. Easy! There's still some config to do on your side though. Once the wizards do there thing, you will see an IP in your "Servers" table. 

You now need to populate your masternode.conf file This requires 1 line with 5 pieces of information. 1. Which wallet alias has the 10000 txid? 2. Masternodehoster IP? 3. Hoster MNPK 4. Transaction ID to check? 5. Which line of that transaction (vout)? 

masternode.conf explains this when you open it. 

4: The first piece is the new address name you setup earlier. Go back to receiving addresses and use the label on the left as your first piece of info. Here we will use "mnXX" 

The second piece of information is already on the Hoster website for you. You must include the brackets for this to work. So far : mnXX [2a01:4f8:150:93d6::2:3c0c]:20201 We now add the Masternodehoster MNPK from the website mnXX [2a41:4f8:110:93d6::2:3c7a]:20201 4Jevdd1RfhjBg7sdfDYsRekGdfsed5i1wxPCSasdbUUYpHpADyWB Finally, we finish the file by going back into the debug console and type "masternode outputs"

copy the info in txhash and add it to your masternode.conf mnXX [2a41:4f8:110:93d6::2:3c7a]:20201 4Jevdd1RfhjBg7piZDYsRekG8axed5i1wxPCSwwbUUYpHpADyWB 2fcce5c67d1a5bd197ac21fa2ab9ff5b7e8dba00ea4409caf76ca3a5b00392ad then we need a space, followed by the outputidx mnXX [2a41:4f8:110:93d6::2:3c7a]:20201 4Jevdd1RfhjBg7sdfDYsRekGdfsed5i1wxPCSasdbUUYpHpADyWB 2fcce5c67d1a5bd197ac21fa2ab9ff5b7e8dba00ea4409caf76ca3a5b00392ad 0

Once done, restart your wallet

Go to the Masternodes tab and it should be showing

5: Click your new MN and go to the bottom. Click start Alias, or go to Debug Console "startmasternode alias 0 mnXX"

You should get a Success message

 - Download the wallet. Our software wallet is essential to the staking process. ...
 - Determine the minimum requirements. (100XSCR)
 - Go to Settings in the wallet, set a password
 - restart
 - encrypt your wallet for staking
 - Start staking after 1hour
 - Stay online with your wallet.